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Home of the G-BRGI Flying Group at Rochester Airport

Welcome to the home of the G-BRGI flying group website. Here you will find the latest information about the aircraft, what we offer and what is required of you if you wish to fly the aircraft. The information presented here will be updated from time to time as required so you should check back regularly to ensure you are fully aware of what is involved.

G-BRGI is available for hire to suitably qualified pilots for private use only and for the renewal and revalidation of ratings etc. A suitably qualified flying instructor can be recommended should this be required although any fees will need to be negotiated directly with such instructor. Group members are restricted to individuals who wish to fly on a reasonably regular basis without the commitment of annual or monthly fees and at the same time at a competitive hourly rate. Group numbers will be limited to ensure availability remains good throughout the year although such numbers may be adjusted from time to time according to current demands. Please feel free to browse the site using the links on the left. Pilots wishing to be considered for inclusion in the group should first review the "Group Conditions" page and then submit their details via the "Pilot Registration" form from the link on the left. By submitting their details in this way Pilots agree to be bound by the Group Conditions previously mentioned. No guarantee of acceptance into the group is made. If you would like additional information please contact us by clicking the "Contact us" link.

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